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... in 1971, the week ending the 9th January to be precise. It was the very first issue of Look-in, the Junior TV Times magazine. I wasn't there in the newsagents personally to pick up that historic first issue but so many young kids were back then that it became so popular and continued on for another twentyfour years!

Concentrating on all the popular television series to be broadcast on the British ITV network of stations, Look-in was the home for the illustrated adventures of some of the most famous shows ever to be seen. There were picture strips featuring the tope US imports over the years such as (in no particular order) Charlie's Angels, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Knight Rider, The A-Team, Kung Fu, CHiPs, The Fall Guy, Street Hawk, Logan's Run and The Man From Atlantis to name some of the most popular.

Then there was the best of the British television productions like Space:1999, The Tomorrow People, Sapphire & Steel, Timeslip, Robin Of Sherwood, Dick Turpin, Worzel Gummidge, Black Beauty, Follyfoot, The Famous Five, Catweazle, Freewheelers, Oliver Twist and Smuggler.

Not only did Look-in have picture strips of all dramatic action shows either, it also had strips featuring many of the most popular comedies of their era, shows like Benny Hill, Doctor On The Go, Doctor At Sea, Doctor In Charge, Bless This House, Man About The House, On The Buses, Mind Your Language, Cannon & Ball and Please, Sir!

And just so not to leave out any of the other high quality and popular picture strips that appeared within Look-in's pages, how about shows like Danger Mouse, Star Fleet, Mork & Mindy, Inspector Gadget, Terrahawks, The Smurfs, Alf, Metal Mickey, Super Gran, Crowther In Trouble and even Scooby Doo!

This is just some of the history of Look-in which we hope to bring you in the coming months and, no doubt, years. We hope the Look-in Archive will bring back many fond and happy memories and maybe even make some new ones if you're new to what was one of the greatest childrens comic magazines ever!

Angus P Allan, Alan Fennell, Arthur Ranson, Jim Burns, Martin Asbury, John M Burns, John Bolton, Mike Noble, John Stokes, Jim Baikie, Ron Tiner, John Richardson, Bill Titcome, Alan Parry, Tom Kerr, Harry North, John Cooper, F Dior, Ross & Arnaldo Putzo. Apologies to anyone we've missed out in this list. If there is anyone who we need to add, and I'm sure there is, email us and we will hastily add their name to the Hall Of Fame. Without your incredible talents and your flairs for visual likenesses we would never have had Look-in.

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