If you were a child of the seventies or eighties growing up in the UK and watching such exciting ITV television series like Timeslip, The Tomorrow People, The Six Million Dollar Man, Charlie's Angels, Space:1999, The A-Team and Robin of Sherwood, to name but a few, you may have also been a regular reader of the children's magazine Look-in. If you were, this is the website for you!

A warm welcome to The Look-in Picture Strip Archive!

From the beginning of 1971, Look-in was every child's favourite read! Yes, there were other such classic British comics like the Dandy, the Beano, TV21, TV Comic and 2000AD on a newsagent's shelves but Look-in was special. It had many things going for it that those other publications never delved into. It had pin-ups and interviews, crosswords and competitions, it had picures of TV stars and pop idols and that was just what we kids wanted to read. But above all it had exciting picture strips of our favourite TV heroes and heroines of the time. This website is dedicated to those picture strips along with the writer(!) and artists who gave them to us along with so many fond childhood memories.

We hope you enjoy reading once again, or even reading for the first time, all the adventures of your favourite television series and TV heroes & heroines as much as we have enjoyed bringing this website to you. For, like many of you who will come here, we were children of the seventies and these picture strips are just as exciting for us to read again as it will no doubt be for you too. Look-in is at your newsagents again, now available in cyberspace.

All the best,

Daz, John & Steve.