During the few short years of ATV's Sapphire & Steel being broadcast on television, readers of the children's magazine Look-In were fortunate enough to view the comicstrip adventures of time's two mysterious detectives, written by Angus P. Allan and illustrated with skill and some great visual likenesses by Arthur Ranson.

This site is dedicated to those illustrated adventures. Over the coming months, the archive will grow until all the strips have been collected for all S&S fans to either re-read again or experience for the first time. So come back again soon and see what's new and maybe some of you out there could even contribute strips that the archive has yet to find.

Over the coming months, the Sapphire & Steel Look-In Comicstrip Adventures Archive will hopefully grow until all 76 issues that feature S&S will be available for fans to read again or for the first time. But the archive needs your help...

The archive is far from complete! If you have any issue of Look-In not featured in the archive, access to a scanner and a bit of free time, we would like to hear from you!

Special Thanks to Brian Wilson, Sharon Mansfield and Shaqui for their invaluable contributions to the S&S archive so far!

Enjoy, once again, the picture strip adventures of Sapphire & Steel.

Last Updated: 13th November 2007