The Tomorrow People. Homo-superior. The next stage of human evolution. The brainchild of Roger Damon Price for the ITV network and produced by Thames Television. It was a popular childrens TV show and in 1973, soon after its first broadcast, a mere three months later, Look-in magazine also featured the TP in picture strip form. It was an instant hit!

The characters of The Tomorrow People were normal looking, every-day kids on the outside, just like the audience that was watching it. But secretly they had fantastic super-powers, the most interesting of which was the ability to teleport, or 'jaunt' as they called it, anywhere in the world, even into outer space and to distant planets. Tomorrow People would begin as normal humans until their special powers, inlcuding telepathic, would manifest themselves and they would 'break-out'. It was every school kids dream, that they too would one day break-out and possibly become a Tomorrow Person.

Having similar sci-fi aspirations to that of the BBC's Doctor Who but aimed at a younger audience, The Tomorrow People ran for a a total of 8 seasons before ending in 1979 after a hugely successful run of 22 adventures spanning 53 episodes.

Without the boundary constraints of a television show, the Tomorrow People picture strip was free to go anywhere it pleased in its stories. Written by Look-in's mainstay writer Angus P Allan and illustrated by two of the magazine's finest illustrators, John M Burns and Mike Noble, the strip featured some impressive storylines and visuals, from distant alien worlds and exotic aliens to giant robots and even Nazis in an alternate timeline.

Itself amassing a very impressive run of adventures in Look-in, the Tomorrow People strip ran for 34 adventures over 216 issues and totalling 432 seperate pages of story and artwork. It stands as one of Look-in's most memorable picture strips and will hopefully one day be represented in its entirety at the Look-in Archive.

Last Updated: 28th May 2006